Age Verification Policy


Why is Los Caidos, Inc. verifying my Age?

Los Caidos, Inc. is dedicated to servicing our customers with premium tobacco products only if they meet the legal age requirement. We have partnered with Veratad Technologies, LLC to validate customers’ ages and verify identity, thus fulfilling legal requirements for tobacco sales. The Veratad service completes an age validation by using the customer provided personal information to search trusted data sources of public records.

How does Veratad’s Age Verification work?

Veratad’s access to public records allows them to validate the information provided by customers and in some cases, depending on the nature of the purchase, present a series of multiple choice questions based on non-credit related (“out-of-wallet”) historical facts about the customer as an individual. These facts are obtained by instantaneously scanning billions of public records from trusted data sources containing information that would not generally be found in a customer’s wallet if lost or stolen.

Is the information I provide secure?

Yes. Veratad’s secure 256-bit encryption technology ensures the safe delivery of the information provided by the customer online. In addition, Veratad DOES NOT STORE CUSTOMERS’ SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION and DOES NOT SHARE (OR SELL) ANY DATA WITH OTHER THIRD PARTIES, assuring the customer that unauthorized parties cannot gain access to his/her sensitive personal information.

What happens if I cannot be verified by the Age Verification process?

A small percentage of shoppers may not be verifiable due to limited availability of publicly available information contained within Veratad’s Age Verification databases. If this happens, you may request “manual verification” by responding to an email sent from Los Caidos, Inc. and following directions to upload your proof of age which requires a copy of your driver’s license or some other form of government issued ID such as a passport. Customers can also contact Los Caidos, Inc. by email and phone. To do this, Los Caidos, Inc. requires a copy of your driver’s license or some other form of government issued ID that verifies your date of birth. Once Los Caidos, Inc. receives your information, your order will be shipped. All customer information is confidential.

I live outside of the U.S., can I be verified?

No. The use of Veratad’s Age Verification by Los Caidos, Inc. is based solely on U.S. record information and therefore verification of individuals residing outside the U.S. is unavailable. However, military addresses outside of the US are acceptable.